5 Reasons Not to Have a Real Estate Blog

Forget all those so-called experts who tell you that you need a blog for your real estate business! Do they really know what they are talking about anyway? They don’t know you, your business…maybe they are just completely off base…

But how do you know? There are a few reasons why having a blog would be a bad, bad idea for your real estate business and maybe you can see yourself in one of these:

You are a horrible, horrible writer. Do you constantly find misspellings and grammatical errors in your emails and sales letters? Or maybe you are so bad a writer you don’t even notice…you just have it pointed out, over and over, by others. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you or it just plain painful, then don’t bother starting a blog.

You don’t stay on top of current events or the local real estate market. Maybe you just work on auto-pilot and live in a bubble. Some people do and still somehow make it through everyday life. If you’re an agent out of touch with what’s going on in the world at large and more particularly, in your local real estate market, then a blog just isn’t for you.

You can’t squeeze even one hour from your week because you’re just too dang busy. Sure, real estate agents are busy. All those networking lunches, bus tours, MLS research and client meetings. There are only so many hours in a given day, in a given week. But if you can’t carve out even one hour a week in order to crank out a blog post, then really, drop the blog idea.

You don’t want to increase your online presence. Hey, maybe you’re happy with your website. Just the way it is. And that’s fine. If you don’t want to post updated content that makes search engines (and your traffic stats) smile, then by all means, let the other real estate agents do the blog thing.

You think making a personal connection with your online prospects is pointless. If your website is basically an electronic business card and otherwise devoid of personality, good for you! Surely there are people out there somewhere, who want to work with a real estate agent who left no impression of character and attitude. Because people who are making the largest financial moves of their lives want to find a real estate agent robot.

Not every real estate agent has a blog. Nor should they. Lack of time, aptitude and ability all factor in. If two or more of the above reasons fit you, then you are better off not blogging. Better to use your other talents, your other abilities, to work and grow your real estate business.

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